Kash Doll Net Worth, Earnings, Salary

Kash Doll Net Worth, Earnings, Salary

Kash Doll or Arkeisha Antoinette Knight is a popular American rapper from Detroit, Michigan. She rose to fandom with her creations “For Everybody” in 2017 and “Ice Me Out” in 2018. She is signed to Republic Records and is popular for hip-hop genres. 

Born as the eldest of six siblings, Kash Doll’s childhood was not that smooth as she had to work to support her mother. However her zeal and passion for raps never let her down and when her time came, she was recognized by the top rapper Drake. Due to financial instability, she had to leave her studies at Henry Ford College. She then even worked as a strip club dancer. After having details of her young age struggles, let us now have a look at Kash Doll’s net worth.

What is Kash Doll’s Net Worth?

Only the strict followers of Kash Doll know that she started performing in local clubs and at schools while doing charity events in the Detroit area. She has always desired to rap since childhood and used to write songs from a very young age. It was the time when popular rapper Drake invited her to perform raps after watching her Instagram videos. So, are you feeling excited to know about the earnings of Kash Doll? Let us have a quick look at Kash Doll’s net worth.

Yearly Income: $2,000,000

Monthly Income: $166,666

Weekly Income: $41,666

Daily Income: $5,952

Real Estates

Kash Doll is a music sensation and is active in the industry for the last seven years. Hence, indications are high that she must have been investing in different real estate throughout the country. However, there are no open details about Kash Doll’s real estate investments and earnings from the same. She again manages to keep her investments highly personal and there are no public details about the same. Hence, while calculating Kash Doll’s net worth, there is no addition of the real estate investments or her investments in cars or other vehicles.


Kash Doll is a global sensation. The style and creations are not only famous but her fans want a steady stream of all customized accessories, apparel, and other products. Kash Doll’s merchandise is thus a hot search on the leading platforms. The official website of Kash Doll and other leading platforms offer a variety of customized merchandise to global customers. Needless to say, all this merchandise attracts earnings from loyalty and sales profits. 

All these sales and profits considerably increase when Kash Doll is conducting some online events or is a part of the sensational musical album. Hence, selling merchandise is one of the important parts of the total earnings of Kash Doll. It can be approximated that Kash Doll is earning around 250,000 USD annually from merchandise only.

Social Media Earnings:

Kash Doll is a social media sensation with a specific set of audiences on all leading social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The large set of followers on social media significantly adds to the total net worth of the channel owners. Let us have a detailed look at his fan following on these leading platforms.

Let us take the example of Kash Doll’s YouTube account. It has approximately 500,000 subscribers on its official YouTube channel. This large number of subscribers is responsible for the increased number of views that are a major source of earnings on YouTube. The star can earn anything between $3 to $7 per one thousand views on social media and in addition to it are the earnings from advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing links. Combining these earnings with the total earnings of Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels, Kash Doll is estimated to earn around 250,000 USD annually from online media sharing platforms only.

Awards and Appearances:

Kash Doll has been nominated twice for “Detroit Music Awards” in 2018 and 2020. She was nominated for “Outstanding Rap MC” in 2018 and “Outstanding National Major Record Label Recording” in 2020. Her song “Fuck It Up” released in 2019 charted at 40th position on NZ peak chart position. Kash Doll has released “Stacked” in October 2019, which peaked at 76th position on the US peak chart position. Further, her one video from EP “For Everybody” has received more than 10 million likes on YouTube. Combining these earnings from different awards and appearances, Kash Doll is estimated to earn around 250,000 USD annually from these sources.


Kash Doll has released multiple albums like “Stacked” in October 2019, “Brat Mail” in March 2018, “The Vault” in July 2018. All these albums had numerous songs. Not only this, she has released multiple singles like “His & Hers” in 2015, “Run Me My Money” and “Accurate” in 2016. She further released “Hustla” in 2019.  Combining these earnings from different music creations, Kash Doll is estimated to earn around one million USD annually from these sources.


Kash Doll has been a part of “Empire” in 2020 in season 6 and season 2 episodes. She also appeared in “BMF” as Monique in 2021. Combining these earnings from different filmography appearances, Kash Doll is estimated to earn around 250,000 USD annually from these sources.

Kash Doll and his Relative Net Worth

Kash Doll is a popular online sensation and celebrated personality. Needless to say, the fans are curious about his details and especially, her love relationships. This popular and successful girl has been in the eyes of its fans for multiple creations and trending videos. Coming to Kash Doll, she prefers to keep his personal life stay away from the limelight. There are few details available about the relatives of Kash Doll.

There are no details about his current love relationships. Owing to the popularity of the musical star, it is hard to believe that she is not in a relationship. The lack of information about her partner hints that she may not be in any relationship. However, the rumors again rose when she announced her pregnancy in September 2021.

It was in November 2021 when she posted a gender reveal to announce that she is expecting a baby boy. Hence, while there are no direct details of the net worth of Kash Doll’s parents, his current boyfriend is also not known. She is planning to extend her family and hence is expected to be a mom soon. However, there are no details about her love relationships.

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